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26 US Map from M to W Design stamps

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US Map from M to W Edition.
Set of 26 metal design stamps.

>Now you can bring different US Map creations into your projects,
>All of these designs are carefully picked for your next project
>Combine all of the designs easily with any of our available letter stamps to have impressions on your metal blank look a perfection. Your customers will adore this!

This set contains:
>26 unique design stamps.
>New storage containers are easy to use, save storage space, make your work environment clean and will hold up in international shipping!
>Precisely tapered allowing you to align any design very easily,
>Each stamp is labeled with the corresponding Number and colored for easier identification so you can find any design very easy!.
>Protected against rust and stamp ***don't*** arrive coated in smelly, messy oil that makes a mess and gets on everything
>Made out of Tool steel, 58HRC hardened making them hard enough to be used on any harder materials like Stainless Steel.

>Precisely machined and very sharp engravings will make deep impressions on the metal blanks so your impressions will hold the ink for all time!.
>Tapered on the backside to keep hammering more balanced and to save your time on making impressions!