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Micro Design Stamp MC96 3x4mm Cute Bunny- Ultra Details

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Add some adorable charm to your jewelry designs with the Micro Design Stamp MC96. This 3x4mm stamp features an ultra-detailed design of a cute bunny, perfect for adding a fun and playful touch to your jewelry pieces.

Crafted with precision from quality hardened steel, the Micro Design Stamp MC96 guarantees to leave clean and crisp impressions each time it's used. The steel construction of this stamp ensures that it remains sharp for an extended period, making it a reliable tool in your jewelry-making arsenal. Whether you're a professional jewelry designer or a hobbyist, this stamp is sure to bring a touch of cuteness and personality to your designs.

Bring some bunny charm to your jewelry-making collection with the Micro Design Stamp MC96 and let your designs hop with cuteness!